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ProSeries Faux Mink Falsies - D92

ProSeries Faux Mink Falsies - D92

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ProSeries Faux Mink Falsies — D92

  • ProGrade Faux Mink Fibers
  • Full Length Flexible Band 
  • Reusable up to 25X (with care)
  • 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Designed With Comfort in Mind

With the uniquely designed formation and elongated wings, the band seamlessly disappears into the natural lash line, making them ultra comfortable to wear. 


Prior to glue application, using clean hands, gently flex the lash band a few times to activate bend-ability. Using our Signature Lash Trimming Scissors, trim the Lash to your desired size, if needed. Using our ProStyle Lash Adhesive, apply a modest amount directly to the lash band and wait 30-seconds to allow for tackiness to activate. Using clean hands, gently apply each Lash to the natural Lash line, based on the corresponding side and press down gently to secure. You're set and ready to take care of business! 


Using clean hands, gently pull the lash band away from the natural Lash line until completely removed and place the Lash on a clean surface for re-use. We recommend using our Acrylic Travel Storage Case for the best solution to store your Lashes. Using a clean cloth, apply an oil based makeup removal product, and gently wipe the adhesive residue off the eye. 


Add extra Lash Adhesive to each end of the Lash band and wait 30-seconds and apply using the instructions as explained above.

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