Our Brand Story

Founded in 2020, Deseo Beauty Professional, pronounced (de-say-oh), interpreted as a desire to be (and feel) beautiful, is a brand founded, owned and operated by Artists’ who sought to connect beauty industry professionals with the professional-grade tools and resources needed to accomplish their high-caliber work. With over a decade of industry experience, it was the teams’ core mission to deliver a high-quality, calculated product line including cosmetic and hygiene tools.

The Inspiration Behind The Brand

When development of our products are underway, we strive to build with artistry, diversity and inclusion in-mind. We realize that the current marketplace has an opportunity to evolve in a direction that is inclusive of both Non-Binary and LGBTQ+ lifestyles. As an emerging brand, owned, led and operated by members of the LGBTQ+ communities, we have found that finding the right cosmetic products and tools tailored to all genders and identities proved to be difficult, thus inspiring us to get work and close the gap. 

Our DNA — Beauty For The Pros’

We strive to continuously seek innovative practices to supply beauty industry professionals’ with the tools and resources necessary to achieve the results they desire for their clients. We seek to be the game-changer of the ProBeauty Marketplace.

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